DevaCut Info

What is a DevaCut?

What do I need to know before my first DevaCut?

These are questions we often hear from new clientes in regards to their upcoming services or inquiries into scheduling the correct service for their specific hair needs.

DevaCurl is a Product and Education line we use and often live by in the Hype Home.  DevaCuts are geared towards curly haired guests who are sick of getting too much length cut off, shelfy layers, dreaded traingle shape, uneven length and or layers, or a sparse length of curls with too many layers.  We know your pain!  We are here to give you a fantastic attentive haircut FOR YOUR CURLS!!

Before your first DevaCut or Pintoura Color these are the things we need from you!

Please come with fresh and COMPLETELY dry and detangled curls.  This means freshly washed, minimal to no product and 100% dry.  The reason product should be left out or limited is to ensure the curl experts at Hype can see your hairs completely natural state and educate you on ways to achieve the goals you are looking for.

No time? New to natural? Need help detangling?

No problem!  appointments will need to be made seperately to get your curls prepped for a cut, and then cut.  Feel free to Call and chat with one of our curl experts OR schedule a complimentary consultation!

We look forward to meeting you and shaping your curls.  It is one of our many passions at Hype.